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WikiLeaks importance ≠ Julian Assange’s innocence

Another very simple, very short (by my standards) post expressing discontent about WikiLeaks/Assange coverage.With some much-needed level-headed words, feminist writer Katha Pollitt dispels the overcomplication and confusion that has been raked up by, what she terms, certain “paranoid” sections of “the left”.

Writing originally for “flagship of the left” American magazine The Nation (and reposted on guardian.co.uk) Pollitt quite reasonably asserts: “I admire Julian Assange for his work on WikiLeaks, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that he has committed sex crimes.”

After some rather sensible and interesting points that pick apart the tenants of a certain conspiracy theory doing the rounds, American critic Pollitt concludes:

“WikiLeaks is revealing information citizens need to know – it’s a good thing.  Assange may or may not have committed sex crimes according to Swedish law. Why is it so hard to hold those two ideas at once?”

You don’t even have to agree that WikiLeaks is a good thing for this rhetorical question to hold its weight.  In fact the reverse is also true.  Many are understandably concerned that certain powers that regard WikiLeaks as a bad thing may not separate these “two ideas” either.

So, quite simply (for you algebra fans):

As Pollitt states:  The disputed merits of WikiLeaks ≠ Julian Assange’s innocence.

But also hopefully in the coming months the following will also be true:

Julian Assange + Swedish court of law + a bit of perspective = Justice, in whatever form it must take + a bit more perspective.
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