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The real digital natives II: Apple iPod kids

iPod: "this is tricky to use make password" Junwoo Seo

iPod: "this is tricky to use make password" Korean lad

Part 2 of the phenomenon that is digital nativism. (Part 1 – toddlers and their iPads)

A young Korean lad that I tutor in English and comprehension was somewhat distracted in our lesson today.

He had a brand new iPod Touch.  He’s only nine and came to the UK very recently but is making great progress.

He kept mentioning his £200 stocking filler at inopportune moments when concentration levels should have perhaps been a little higher.

So, to stop the lesson grinding to a halt, I got him to write a creative writing piece detailing the story behind his shiny new toy, followed by a review of the product.

Even taking into account his early grasp of a challenging second-language – for which I am partly responsible for – his review still provides a better level of detail than I could ever muster from the top of my head.

He was more than happy for me to post his review.  Here is his work, word for word, untouched by the Media Surgeon’s sub desk:

I get ipod for Christmas.  My sister by ipod from Korea and bring it to England.  Apple is famous.  My ipod came two days later from Christmas.

Ipod is good because it’s fast loading then Samsung LG and Kt.  I don’t like Korea phones becaus they are copy iphone (GalaxyS) and had touch phone.

My friend argue he have iphone but I think it’s not true because I can’t see iphone anyway we talk about ipod.

ipod review:

ipod is good for serching thing and touch, we can see a movie, youtube, check e-mail, read book memo some thing

ipod is bad for we can use only wifizone.

I can’t think about bad thing.

Someone don’t know about ipod I told them like this:

‘ipod is good for everything but we can use Appstore in only Wi Fi Zone and this is tricky to use make password.’

"iPod is bad for we can use only Wi-fi zone" Junwoo Seo

"iPod is bad for we can use only Wi-fi zone" Korean lad

I’m sure these days words like “Wi-Fi” are as universal as “hello”.  Across the globe children are being brought up with a phenomenal level of technological knowledge.

No wonder he gets so restless writing with pen and paper.

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