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The politician’s speech: Siôn Simon slams Colin Firth

A Labour politician, who is eager to become the first Mayor of Birmingham, has exposed himself to the internet’s ridicule with a misguided attack on Colin Firth.

Colin Firth: Not Siôn Simon's BFF

Colin Firth: Not Siôn Simon's BFF

Siôn Simon, who had previously been discredited during the expenses scandal, posted the attack (disguised as a film review of Oscar-tipped film The King’s Speech) on the blog-site Labour Uncut.

It begins:

I dislike Colin Firth.

In just the opening sentence, nay the first two words, Mr Simon (self proclaimed “writer/politician”) smashes through two usually flexible rules that journalists and critics try to apply when conducting a film review.

1. Keep yourself out of the picture as much as possible – “I…”

2. Don’t let personal prejudice hamper your critical opinion – “I dislike…”

Not until the end of the seventh paragraph does Simon begin the awkward task of reviewing the film, which reads like a drunken best man’s speech if the bride had just publicly and verbally abused the groom at the altar.

Thanks to David Mitchell drawing attention to the piece via Twitter, the comment boxes soon picked up an overwhelming momentum denouncing the bizarre political-point scoring review:

Possibly the most ridiculous “review” I have ever had the misfortune to read. Arrogant, patronising, pompous, self-important, smug and self-serving.

Says one.

What a confused and bitter article. I suggest you go lie down for a minute or two. What on earth does Colin Firth have to apologise for?

Says the next.

How thin-skinned. How ego-maniacal. How embarrassing.

Says another.

Some salt & vinegar to go with that chip on your shoulder, old chap?

Says yet another.

What a shambles.  As David Mitchell tweeted:

In this unusual reversal, the comments make a good point while the article is full of impotent rage

What was Siôn Simon thinking?  Did he really believe that discrediting a popular figure would enhance his popularity? Or was he just having a moan?

The full review/tirade can be seen here.


Here is Mr Simon in a similarly entertaining piece, spoofing David Cameron (not uploaded by me):

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